1. a remote or sparsely settled region : a barren or frontier region. 2. an ideal or imaginary place or region. 3. an illusory existence.

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An Hour to Kill

I had An Hour to Kill.
Violent sounding.
In the morning I was feverish,
With Rushing.
In the late afternoon,
I had nothing I could do,
But stop,
Waiting for time to pass.

I drove to the airport by the bay.
I watched the planes
Land and Takeoff.
It was calming.
I sat in the grass and waited.
Watching the butterfly.
Land and Takeoff.
It was calming.

The sun was warm.
The breeze was calming.
The smell of salty bay water.
The hum of airplanes.
I watched and waited.
I was there, in it.
We were together, One.
In that Hour to Kill.


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