1. a remote or sparsely settled region : a barren or frontier region. 2. an ideal or imaginary place or region. 3. an illusory existence.

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Lone Tree

What Will the Third Eye See?

Most times, I have a Third Eye with me. I will it to see what my eyes see, but it doesn’t always work. I ask it to see for me, what only can be seen in my mind, but that doesn’t always work either. But often it does and mostly it does give me something to carve out the sought after image. It was a blue sky that day, but the Eye gave me washed out gray, which was beautiful in its own way, but today I decided on blue and in an hour I could prefer washed out gray.

It says something, don’t you think? It says something to me or I would not have asked my Third Eye to see it too. I wish it could go without saying, but that is not always how it works. Or, I wish you could tell me what is says to you, if anything, and then we could both have our own saying without being influenced by the other. That is how I can really know You. That is how I can really know Me. I guess that is how You can really know Me too.

What I told my Third Eye to see is a tall, majestic and rounded mountain. One that understands wonder in simplistic, yet beautiful lines but also can be tough and rough around the edges. It has not lost itself in its own enchantment, beautiful but with some grit. As a testament to its own courage it sprouts a tree, which must cling to the downward slope, a never ending commitment to its own perseverance. Then there is the blue sky. It is not so blue, but wispy blue. It is the character that is most fleeting. It is wispy blue today to remind us to be happy but to not become drunk on pleasure, which is what a deep blue sky might say.  Against all odds, have a beautiful day, but with some grit.


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