1. a remote or sparsely settled region : a barren or frontier region. 2. an ideal or imaginary place or region. 3. an illusory existence.

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Here, I Imagine.

I can go here in my imagination. If I could somehow explain to you how it feels to see this place, I would, but it is no earthly feeling. Sometimes, it can happen in dreams, so maybe you have felt it too. It takes me, back through the ages beyond my cares and worries, to a time when there was only expansive wonderment and awe. Suddenly, everything in the universe is right again. If you go here, all parts of you break apart, because you no longer need a container for yourself. There is no me and there is no you, there is only All.

There are only small spaces in time that I can go here. I forget sometimes to find them. That boundary between me and you affects my memory and this place fades away. Here, there is no more for me to carry. Tears, because that is how the joy of knowing yourself, feeling that you are as so much more than you, comes to be in our world. If you have not been here, I wish I could take you, but we all find our own way there. This is one of my ways. Here, I Imagine.


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