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I’ve been living in a hospital. Not as a patient, but as a parent. We are lucky, my daughter appears healthy, that is if you couldn’t see the 200-pound machine on wheels attached with a six-foot tube to a pump coming out of her abdomen. But if you want to know more about that story you can read it at: Hana’s Heart.

This space is not about that. It’s a place where I get to keep a piece of me just for me. So here it is, as best as I can from someone who lives in a hospital, like living  in a fishbowl, and gets very little free time.

It is spring here. Every morning it seems like a whole bunch of things have bloomed. The poppies started blooming along the road. They are cheerful flowers. They make me smile!

#1 in my Hospital Series. See #2 Check How You’re Looking.


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