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The Tree

The Glitch In The Universe

In the corner of the sky,
Tucked behind a cloud,
Is a place of unfathomable wonder.
There is one problem.
That is,
Where do you find a corner in the sky?

Perhaps easier to find is this –
The space under a levitating tree
If you are lucky,
You will find it.

For the tree will not pause,
Above the ground forever.
It will gently reach its roots
Back to the earth
And it will settle itself,

Sometimes, when
There is a glitch in the Universe,
It will not settle.
And in that space,
Between ground and tree,
Amongst those gentle roots,
We will find a look
Into the place where,
Our imagination lives.
And we will take comfort
In knowing it exists.
And it will lead us to places within ourselves
Only before known, maybe,
To the imagination.


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  1. Barbara #
    April 18, 2013

    I felt myself near the base of this tree…….

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